i find myself drawn to the places where design is generally overlooked, ignored and under-appreciated. i am influenced by our world and the chance we all have to purposefully and deliberately expand its potential through creative means. i believe that design has the power to push past the boundaries of the visual, and to the realms of auditory and tactile communication as well.

as a kinesthetic designer, i like to fully involve myself in projects, trying everything at least once. in order to create good design, i believe a multidisciplinary approach is mandatory and this fulfils my need to try everything. the work i involve myself in is always value-driven, specifically campaigns that create a lasting impact. i tend to focus my thoughts on the big picture influence of projects and how design can foster change in our world. to do that, i stick to design that is didactic first, but has the influence of modern aesthetics.

as a creative activist, i believe we designers have the power to create real change in our world, and it is our responsibility to use our skills to do just that. we owe it to our communities to be invested and to equitably spread messages needed to further our collective growth. i believe there are no heroes, no top dogs, and no gold medallists in the culture of design, only those who cultivate a better world through creative means.

gaebriel min (they/he/she) is a design generalist & creative activist, london transplant originally from seattle.

bah graphic communications
university for the creative arts 2019-2021

aas visual communications
highline college 2017-2019

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