meaning soft, a skincare brand focused on making your skin just that. doux is a simple dual system for the lazy girl. with only three products in each part of the system, doux strives to streamline the everyday skincare regiment. with the option of skin specific add-ons, doux keeps the process simple and the bathroom counter uncluttered.
The two packages had to reflect the dual system and make it easy to differentiate between them. A light sunrise gradient was used for the “good morning” system, while the “good evening” system features a nightfall color transition. The packages denote which part of the system the product is. numbers 1-3 for morning, 4-6 for evening. Both systems consist of a cleanser, toner and moisturizer. 
Along with the generic morning and night systems, doux provides additional skin specific add-ons. Called “good riddance” these serums target irritations like inflammation, redness, and dark spots. Users can mix and match these add-ons to cater to their specific needs.
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